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Speeding Offences

  • How long do the police have to contact me after I have been flashed by a speed camera?
    A Notice of Intended Prosecution should be sent to the registered owner within 14 days. Provided this deadline is met, the owner has 28 days to provide the identity of the driver.
  • I was driving just over the speed limit, what is the likely penalty?
    This will often result in three penalty points and a fine, although a speed awareness course may be offered as an alternative to penalty points. If you attend the course you will not need to pay the fine, but will pay a similar price in course fees.
  • When am I likely to receive an immediate ban?
    Higher speeds, usually at least 40 percent over the limit, frequently attract a ban of from seven to 120 days. Alternatively six penalty points can be awarded, which can lead to disqualification as a result of totting up more than 12 points.
  • What is the maximum penalty for speeding on the motorway?
    The maximum punishment for speeding on the motorway is £2,500 and six penalty points or disqualification.
  • Will I receive penalty points for speeding in a temporary limit?
    Yes, the regulations are the same for temporary and permanent speed limits.
  • I was caught speeding in a 30 mph limit that was not signposted. Can I dispute the case?
    A restricted road is one where there is a system of street lights, with the lights not more than 200 yards apart. Unless signposted otherwise, the speed limit is assumed to be 30 mph.

    When such a system of street lighting is not in place, there are strict regulations regarding the signs that must be displayed. Often, local authorities fail to display the proper road signs, which may be enough to constitute a case.

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