Use of mobile telephones while driving

Use of mobile telephones while driving

Motor offences for individuals

The offence of using a mobile phone while driving can be committed in three different ways, all of which will result in three penalty points and a fine.

These are: using a handheld device while driving, causing or permitting the use by the driver, and supervising a provisional licence holder while using a hand-held mobile. The latter two have implications for employers who require or permit their staff to use a hand-held mobile while driving and passengers supervising learner drivers.

However, even if you use a hands-free mobile, and the police feel you were driving in a poor or careless manner, you can be prosecuted for not being in proper control of the vehicle – which again carries three penalty points and a fine.

If you are in an accident, mobile phone records can be used to prove you were not paying full attention, resulting in a larger sentence and even possible imprisonment.

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