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Mobile Phone Related

  • Can I be prosecuted for moving or switching on my hand-held mobile while driving?
    Yes. Using the device covers moving, holding or switching on the phone, even if you can prove you didn’t make a call or send a text.
  • Why have I been prosecuted for using a hands-free phone?
    If you use a hands-free mobile, and the police feel you were driving in a poor or careless manner, you can be prosecuted for not being in proper control of the vehicle – which carries three penalty points and a fine.

    If you are in an accident, mobile phone records can be used to prove you were not paying full attention, resulting in a larger sentence and even possible imprisonment.

  • Can my employer be considered guilty if I use a hand-held phone?
    Yes, if they require you to use a hand-held phone while driving or if they permit you to use such devices. However, they would not be considered liable just for supplying the phone or calling while you were driving.

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