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Driving Ban/Disqualification

  • Can disqualification be avoided?
    Yes, although you would need to prove that a ban would cause you exceptional hardship.
  • Can I avoid a ban if I need my licence for work?
    Losing your employment or livelihood as a result of losing your licence may amount to exceptional hardship, although this is far from guaranteed. To succeed, a clear and forceful argument, backed up by evidence, will need to be presented to the court.
  • This is my first offence. Will that be taken into account?
    Although the court will consider your previous record, a clean licence will not be enough to avoid a ban if guidelines suggest you should be disqualified for the offence.
  • Can the length of the disqualification be reduced?
    Yes, the court can use its discretion based on the circumstances of each case. Specialist representation can help reduce the length of the ban.
  • Can I have my licence returned early?
    Yes, if you have been disqualified from driving for over two years, you can apply for your licence to be restored, revoking the outstanding disqualification period.

    For disqualifications of between two and four years, you can apply after two years, while applications relating to disqualifications of four to ten years can be made once half the sentence has been served.

    For disqualifications in excess of ten years, you can apply after five years.

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