Jeremy Sirrell

Jeremy Sirrell

Jeremy was called to the Bar in 1981 and, having qualified as a Barrister, was then offered a position as a legal adviser in the Magistrates Courts Service. There he remained until he joined the Crown Prosecution Service in 1987 as a Crown Prosecutor. Having decided he wished to embark upon a wider career, he decided to join private practice and qualified as a solicitor in 1989, since which time he has been engaged in both prosecution and defence work as a solicitor. He became a partner in Palmers Solicitors in 1990 and director in 2021.

Having an uniquely wide experience of the criminal justice system, he is able to advise on all matters relating to road traffic (and criminal) work from the simplest and most minor to the most detailed, complex and serious matters.

Jeremy is also able to advise on licensing matters which come before the Magistrates’ Court including Licensing Appeals, both simple and complex, and all and any criminal matters which may be breaches of the Licensing Act or any regulatory crime, including under-age sales, health and safety, food safety etc.

Jeremy enjoys walking and forcing his family into the back of the car whilst he drives them across the Continent lecturing them on the beauties of the locale.

Jeremy is currently engaged in writing a series of stories in which beastly things happen to people in East Kent.