Lorry cameras ‘will soon be the norm’

Transport firms are fitting forward-facing cameras in their lorries in growing numbers, according to the Road Haulage Association (RHA).

The surge the use of cameras is designed to protect firms from accident insurance claims, some of which can be fraudulent.

RHA director of policy Jack Semple said: “The recordings can show what happened in an accident and can put an end, quickly and simply, to potentially crippling insurance claims. In addition, many firms with cameras say they are useful tools for managing employees’ driving style.”

Of RHA members who responded to the survey, published on 28 April, 54 per cent have fitted cameras and a further 35 per cent appear to be close to doing so.

The survey also identified interest in all-round cameras. Although only seven per cent fit them at present, 35 per cent said they were considering fitting them. Respondents to the survey ranged from owner-drivers to firms with thousands of HGVs.

Mr Semple said: “The professional haulage industry appears to have reached a tipping point and the fitting of cameras will soon be the norm, rather than exceptional.”

The RHA findings were echoed in another survey, carried out by RHA member TrackCompare.co.uk, which specialises in online comparison services for fleet operators. It asked visitors to its website if they believed all commercial vehicles should be fitted with witness cameras and 93 per cent of respondents said yes.

Road traffic incidents can have significant implications for haulage businesses so proactive steps like fitting cameras can be a useful tool in protecting firms against fraudulent claims.

Where haulage firms or individual firms are facing road traffic offences, Palmers’ road traffic team can provide specialist advice and representation, with the aim of defending and preserving an individual’s licence, wherever possible. For more information, please contact Jeremy Sirrell.