Red tape reduction for goods vehicles

Drivers and operators of goods vehicles have been asked to tell the government how the regulatory burden on them can be reduced.

The government consultation focused on the implementation of three deregulatory commitments for the Road Transport theme of its Red Tape Challenge.

Comments were invited on:

  • Taking up the final exemption allowed in the EU drivers’ hours rules for vehicles carrying cash or valuables
  • Adopting the European timescales for downloading digital data from a tachograph
  • Removing three regulations from the statute book
    • The Drivers’ Hours (Goods Vehicles) (Keeping of Records) Regulations 1987
    • Drivers’ Hours (Passenger and Goods Vehicles) (Exemption) Regulations 1996
    • The Passenger and Goods Vehicles (Recording Equipment) Regulations 1989

Drivers and operators were also asked to suggest ways in which the use of goods vehicles using greener technologies could be supported through the operator licensing regime.

Palmers can advise on all aspects of the regulations surrounding operator’s licenses, tachographs and drivers’ hours. For more information, please contact Jeremy Sirrell.