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Vehicle Defects

  • What are the penalties for driving without an MOT?
    Driving without a valid MOT can void any insurance and leaves you liable to be fined for MOT non-compliance.

    You can drive the vehicle to a pre-arranged test or to a garage for any repairs that are required for the vehicle to pass its MOT.

  • What are the penalties for driving a defective vehicle?
    For minor defects, such as faulty lights, you are likely to be offered the chance to correct the defect and then have the car inspected at an approved garage to prove the fault has been fixed.

    If, however, the vehicle is in a dangerous condition, you face a fine of up to £2,500 (greater if you drive a large goods or passenger vehicle), three penalty points and possible disqualification. Committing this offence twice within three years will result in an automatic ban of at least six months.

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